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Hailing from the panhandle of Florida, Gunshine offers a breath of fresh air to the rock scene. A musical love child conceived during the pandemic, Gunshine was birthed by Daytona Beach native and New Years Day ax man Austin Ingerman, who, as a result of the world shutting down, suddenly found himself off the road and eager to carry out his vision of forming a fresh, edgy rock n' roll band.  The vision was to create songs that had attitude, were melodic/catchy, and most importantly written very organically.  "I'll hear vocal melodies and guitar riffs in my head, and let things flow very naturally and artistically.  We just write what comes out, and never try to sound a certain way or let external factors influence our writing in any way" says Ingerman. 

Drummer James Renshaw was the first to join Ingerman and they quickly began working on songs that would comprise Gunshine’s debut album. After an exhaustive search, Jordan Benson, distant cousin to Elvis Presley, became the band’s singer and added a dose of charisma and showmanship that has become a staple of Gunshine’s live shows.  Gunshine recorded their debut album in Las Vegas with producer/engineer Chris Collier (Korn, Mick Mars, Whitesnake, Lynchmob, Prong) who is an integral part of the sonic translation of the band.  The new EP, due out in 2023, was also mixed/mastered by Chris.  It was tracked at "The Hideout" in Vegas, where tons of hit records were made.  

Together, this group lays down face-melting guitar solos, catchy riffs, soaring vocals and a lethal rhythm section which all come together to create a sonic boom harkening back to a time when music was raw, blisteringly energetic, and loud. In a world where it is commonplace to play it safe, Gunshine throws the rule book out and plays it straight from the heart, no tricks, no frills, no BS. This is rock-n-roll, the kind you’ve been missing.

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